2017 Spring Calves

2017 Spring Calves



This was the 1st calf crop for CTL Rounding Third, our herd bull we purchased from Crazy Town Livestock in New Mexico and we were thrilled with what we saw hitting the ground.

Each one of these calves was up and nursing within minutes and were all just flat good. We couldn’t have been more pleased.

Born on 2/28/17, FL Wizard of Oz #MM34278, now a steer, was one of our favorites and he is currently for sale. If you are looking for style, he’s your guy and will be one to watch.

One big surprise was that we learned CTL Rounding Third is a red gene carrier as evidenced by this RWF heifer who is registered as FL Ruby Slippers #MF34284. She is also for sale and someone who loves red, will surely love this one. These are tough to find. Her dam is our crowd favorite cow – Miss Piggy – so this heifer is sure to grow absolutely huge and have jaw dropping color to boot. Don’t miss this opportunity to add her to your lineup.

We are retaining the rest of the heifers born this year, along with the remaining two steers. We used a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme with our registered names this year, we thought it was only fitting. We are expecting an even bigger calf crop in the spring of 2018, so be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page to get updates.

We are at a point in our herd that we can offer bred cows and heifers throughout the year for sale too, so contact us with any needs you have and we can fix you up. Thank you for your continued support as we move into our 5th year raising these cattle.

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